Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Support for OpenJPA?

One of the most common questions I get is how does IBM provide support for OpenJPA? Since the WebSphere JPA solution is built on top of the Apache OpenJPA project, how do customers get fixes to problems that reside in the OpenJPA code base?

The answer is quite simple -- via a WebSphere PMR. The WebSphere JPA team is active with the Apache OpenJPA project as contributors, committers, and members of the PMC. As problems are reported through the normal WebSphere PMR process, we will address the problems just like any other WebSphere problem. It doesn't matter whether the problem resides in the WebSphere JPA code base (extensions) or the Apache OpenJPA code base. Once the problem is discovered, a fix can be integrated into the appropriate Apache OpenJPA service stream and the resolution can be delivered as an iFix or as part of the next fixpack.

Bottom line, WebSphere will support the Apache OpenJPA code base that we ship just as if we had written it ourselves and, in many cases, we have. :-)


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Naviya Nair said...

Enjoyed your approach to explaining how it works, hope to see more blog posts from you. thank you!

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