Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's in a word?

I wanted to understand what issues are important to the growing base of OpenJPA users. So I attempted a small experiment as follows:

  • Extracted the headers from the users' postings in OpenJPA Users' Mailing List.
  • The extraction process was a breeze with the help of HTML Parser. The program found a list of 1059 independent poster headers.
  • Fed the headers to Wordle to create a Word Cloud.

This is the Word Cloud after the first attempt


Wordle: OpenJPASupportForum

The original Word Cloud is here 

Of course, "problem" is often what makes a user to post in the forum. To focus further and because did not like "problem" being so prominent in the Word Cloud, removed the following words for the input list of headers: "OpenJPA", "entity", "mapping", "error", "using", "Re:"

Wordle: OpenJPA Word Cloud Iteration 2

The original Word Cloud is here

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