Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OpenJPA tutorial for beginners available

With the release of the IBM WebSphere OpenJPA V2.0 open Alpha, there will be a renewed interest in OpenJPA by those that have not yet learned it. For those that have been using OpenJPA, this release will provide new functions and features. For those that have never used JPA, the Open Alpha site has an excellent getting-started tutorial. This tutorial is a great place to learn the basics. This tutorial is labeled as part 1 and does not require the WebSphere Application Server. It uses J2SE, MySQL and Eclipse.
The tutorial steps through the parts of OpenJPA, including the way it uses annotations, the persistence.xml file and JPQL. To keep it simple and to allow the user maximum flexibility the complete working code is provided.

You can download the tutorial here:
IBM Websphere OpenJPA Tutorial Part 1
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