Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OpenJPA OpenBooks sample available for WebSphere Application Server

A JEE version of OpenJPA's OpenBooks sample is now available for WebSphere Application Server with the WebSphere Application Server V7 Feature Pack for OSGi Applications and Java Persistence API 2.0. OpenBooks is a sample application that highlights many of the new features of JPA 2.0. The sample can be built from source obtained from the Apache's OpenJPA svn repository. If you are not familiar with svn, don't let it deter you from getting the sample. Use of svn for basic functions, like checking out a source tree, is a piece of cake. If you are in a single server environment, the OpenBooks build scripts (run with WebSphere's ws_ant) will compile, package, install, and configure OpenBooks. The OpenBooks instructions will help you get going. In particular, take a look at the section Deploy OpenBooks in an Application Server. This section contains some WebSphere-specific instructions.

The build scripts are primarily targeted for a single server environment, but may work in an ND environment as well. By default, OpenBooks is installed to the default server and port and the script assumes admin security is disabled. If you need to target a specific server and/or have security enabled, there are command line variables you can use to specify these details. The script is currently all or nothing, so if you specify one, you must specify all. For example:

$ /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/ws_ant -Dbuild.mode=jee -Dappserver=was -Dwas.home=/opt/WebSphere/AppServer -Dwas.server=localhost -Dwas.port=8880 -Dwas.conntype=SOAP -Dwas.user=myuser -Dwas.password=mypassword

This invocation will install OpenBooks on the local machine with the profile serviced by SOAP admin port 8880 with the specified credentials. The script creates a new Derby data source (which is also configured to create a new database if it doesn't exist) by default, but if you are data source savvy you can easily configure the OpenBooks Data Source and OpenBooks Non-transactional Data Source to point at your own database. Assuming your build and install was successful, point your browser at http://<server>:<port>/OpenBooks to run the sample. Enjoy!!



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